Torras Coolify 2 Neck Air Conditioner

Chill, instantly. Cool down 27°F in 1S.

Innovative KU 2.0 chip. Up to 7 times cooling performance. Turn it on, and turn the heat off.
Colossal 3D airflow power personalizes your temperature, anytime, anywhere.
Live it up from dusk ’till Dawn, 3H charge for up to 18H use.
Flex-to-Fit 0-160°, COOLIFY 2 makes one-size-fits-all possible.
Smart, as it should be. NTC smart temperature control keeps your temperature more manageable.
Portable and safe, cooling made easy. Wrap around your neck safely thanks to 13x safety protection.
Heating, from the inside out. Keep you warm in colder months. Go heated, go totally warm.