About Us

After 11 years of electronics trading experience, today Technoland is a pioneer in consumer electronics distribution across the middle-east, located at the heart of the region trading center, Dubai, UAE.
Technoland is considered as a B2B hub which specializes in Electronics world. Tight connection with both manufacturers and distributers across the world makes us unrivaled in today’s insatiable growing market of Electronics.
Our partners use Technoland as a major business connection between each others. Besides, our strategic location with wide range of logistic facilities in both mainland and free-zones gives us an upper hand in re-exporting electronics goods to far corners of the globe.

Our Community

In Technoland, we believe that nothing is more important to a business than creating a wide network with other businesses. Our WhatsApp broadcast is utilized to make this networking easier for our partners, where you can receive daily Electronics products offers from different brands in our basket. Some of them are exclusive to Technoland and some others belongs to our respected partners.
Businesses can join TL community and find their customers demanded items with the best offers ever or even offer their merchants to other partners all over the world!
So Let’s start doing business with Technoland and grow with our thriving community.

Why Technoland?

Technoland is one of a few companies in the region which covers most of the Electronics world. Besides its experience in Production and distribution, Technoland has its own retail and online sales channels which gives us remarkable ability to receive feedbacks for each SKU directly from the end users.

Our manufacturing partners also trust us as their most reliable arm to find out their new products positioning in different markets.

Our Experience

Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, or even a retailer you cannot be successful in different markets without understanding its particular demands. We are a group of specialists who analyze any market from different aspects. With more than a decade of Electronics market analyzing, businesses trust us to receive best advice for the potential demand in each region, specifically, the middle east market due to its unique characteristics. We are always open to our partners to share our marketing and sales experiences.


Our precious wealth is Technoland partners who genuinely trust us.

Technical Approach

Technoland is a group of IT experts who consider every detail in a technical way.

All Premium, All Genuine

For more than a decade Technoland was always restricted to delivering high-quality and premium products to the market.

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GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) is a consumer computer...


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GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) is a consumer computer...


CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is an annual exhibition organized...